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THC tinctures are a concentrated form of cannabis that is taken orally. All that is needed is a few drops under the tongue. The term is often interchangeable with cannabis oils, but there is a slight difference. The main difference is in how they are extracted and the solvents used. Read on below for more information, or shop now with Just Cannabis, the best weed shop in Canada. Made with grapeseed, peppermint, or MCT oil, all of our tinctures are top of the line. They possess various ratios of high-quality THC and CBD. We carry full-spectrum oils that contain the entire array of cannabinoids from the plant, as well as terpenes, to maximize the effect. We also carry oil made from distillate, for those that only want one specific cannabinoid. Whether you’re after THC, CBD, or a combination of the two alongside other beneficial cannabinoids, our tinctures are proven effective time and time again. It’s no wonder the Cannabis THC tincture Canada community is growing so quickly.

What are THC Tinctures? 

THC tinctures are a form of cannabis concentrate that is taken orally. Just a few drops under the tongue and that’s it. Cannabis tinctures are often interchangeable with cannabis oil, but in reality there is a difference. The main difference is in the way they are both extracted. A tincture is extracted using alcohol as a base. 

It is also important to note that THC tinctures should not be inhaled and are typically meant to be taken orally. Just a few drops are needed in order to induce a wide range of therapeutic effects. 

Common Benefits of Taking THC Tinctures

The biggest advantage of cannabis tinctures is the convenience factor. They are easy to take and there is no mess to clean up. Weed tinctures also are easy to dose since each serving should be on the label. 

In addition, THC tinctures provide a wide range of effects. Some of the most common effects include increases in euphoria.relaxation, sedation, happiness, creativity and focus. 

Below are some of the most common effects associated with weed use:
Relaxation Happiness Uplifted-ness
Focus Creativity Energy 
Euphoria Lethargy Sedation
Hunger Lethargy Giggles

Information for Medical Marijuana Patients

Medical marijuana patients enjoy using THC tinctures because of the convenience. Dosing is easy and it is easier to use a tincture than smoking a joint. 

In addition, there is a growing list of medical uses of cannabis tinctures. For instance, many people take THC to help with their anxiety, depression or stress related conditions. Others use tinctures to help ease chronic pains, aches, spasms and inflammation. 

Other conditions that can be treated with THC tinctures include eating disorders, sleep troubles, post traumatic stress disorder, and attention deficit disorder. 

Below are some of the most common medical uses of marijuana:
Anxiety Depression Stress
Aches Pains Inflammation
Muscle Spasms Insomnia Lack of Appetite
Glaucoma Epilepsy Addictions
Fatigue Nausea Spasticity
Movement Disorders Autoimmune Issues Psychiatric Symptoms

Possible Side Effects of a THC Tincture

The good news is that THC products don’t normally come with any serious side effects. The most common negative effects you will experience will likely involve red eyes and dry mouth.

Other more serious side effects can include nausea, dizziness, and vomiting. This is usually the case when overconsumption plays a role.

In addition, THC tinctures cause intoxication and it is for this reason dangerous activities should be avoided. This includes driving a motor vehicle or operating other heavy machinery.

Below are some of the most common negative effects associated with weed use.
Dry Mouth Red Eyes Lethargy
Dizziness Paranoia Anxiousness
Headaches Nausea Vomiting
Chest Pain Rapid Heart Rate Memory Retention Issues
Coordination Issues Respiratory Irritation Increased Heart Rate
Low Blood Pressure Drowsiness Restlessness

Different Types of Cannabis Concentrates

There have been a variety of cannabis concentrates to hit the market over the years. Below are some of the most common THC based concentrates found in Canada.

Shatter: This group of concentrate belongs to the weed wax family. Shatter is a wax that is a hard substance that is clear and typically amber in color. 

Hash: These products are made by compressing trichomes together to make this product. Hash (aka hashish) is one of the oldest and easiest concentrates to make and find available. 

Oil: Cannabis oil is one of the most common forms of cannabis concentrate in Canada. It can be taken in a variety of ways, where the most common is placing a few drops under the tongue. 

Budder: This is another member of the weed wax family. Budder has a softer and more pliable structure, and is relatively easy to work with. 

Live Resin | Terp Sauce: These are high terpene products. This means that live resin and terp sauces attempt to maintain as much of the original plant flavors as possible. This makes for some of the tastiest and most flavorful concentrates on the market. 

Kief | Dry Sift: These are basically the crystals that have been removed from buds. Dry sift (aka kief) is basically any trichome that falls off the plant. 

Distillate: THC Distillate is one of the purest forms of cannabis concentrate. The majority of unwanted plant material gets removed in the distillation process. 

Moon Rocks: These are basically buds that have been dipped in a concentrate and then covered in kief. Moonrocks are a triple treat of ganja goodness. 

Phoenix Tears: These items belong to the cannabis oil family. The difference between Phoenix Tears and marijuana oil is in the way it is extracted. The end result is a product that is taken in the same way as weed oil. 

Topicals: These items are different from the rest of the cannabis concentrates because topicals are meant to be applied externally. Cannabis topicals are not intended to be ingested. Cannabis creams are applied to the affected areas on the skin.

How to Use a Weed Tincture

Cannabis tinctures are very simple to use. The doses are already pre-set and they usually come with a dropper.  In general, all that is needed is a few drops of the THC tincture on or under your tongue. The THC will absorb quicker if placed beneath the tongue. 

It is important to note that weed tinctures are not meant to be smoked or inhaled in any way. Many tinctures contain a mixing agent that is not meant to enter the lungs.

THC Tincture Dosage Chart

Everyone is different and cannabis can affect people in a variety of ways. You can use this THC dosage chart as a guideline to help ensure you don’t fall victim to the uncomfortable effects of overconsumption.

Very Light 1 to 2.5 mg Very Mild Newcomers or microdosers
Light 2.5 to 7.5 mg Mild Light Users
Moderate 7.5 to 15 mg  Moderate Novice Users
Medium 15 to 30 mg Medium Intermediate Users
High 30 to 50 mg Intense Heavy Users
Very High 50 to 100 mg Hero Daily Heavy Users
Hero +100 mg Hero Intensity Hero Stoners

Related Products

Cannabis products come in all shapes and sizes. For instance, there are many great items found within the categories of marijuana flower, cannabis edibles, weed concentrates and vapes

Alternatively you can try cannabidiol (CBD) products. These items are non-psychoactive and do not cause intoxication. 

Another option is magic mushroom products for a more trippier experience. These psilocybin based mushroom items are ideal for anyone looking to push the boundaries of getting high. 

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