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Weed Pens: THC Vape Pens Canada

If you haven’t jumped on the THC weed vape pen bandwagon by now, what are you waiting for? Cannabis vape pens are some of the most convenient and easy to use products available. There are many benefits of using a THC vape pen such as a wide variety of therapeutic benefits. Shop now at Just Cannabis, Canada’s choice for a mail order marijuana dispensary. We carry a huge selection of weed products, including many of your favourite weed vape brands. 

What are Weed Pens? 

Weed pens are basically a battery that powers a weed vape. Sometimes the term weed pen is used interchangeably with a weed vape. However, a weed vape is the product in its entirety, whereas a THC pen is just one of three components. The other two components are a vape cartridge and vape juice   Basically, the vape pen is the power source that powers an atomizer that is in the cartridge. The atomizer then heats the E juice and turns it into a vapor that can be inhaled. 

Different Types of Weed Pens

There are basically two types of weed pens. There are ones that you reuse, and there are disposable weed pens. The reusable vape pens take reusable vape cartridges. Disposable vape pens have the cartridge permanently attached to the pen. These are some of the easiest and most convenient products around.

Common Benefits of Cannabis Pens

The biggest advantage of vape pens is that vaping is said to be cleaner than smoking. In addition, concentrates are purged of a lot of the unwanted chemicals and plant material, making for a purer product. However, it is important to buy your weed pens from a trusted source to ensure you are getting a high-grade product.    Another benefit of cannabis pens is that they emit little to no identifiable scent. Yes, there may be a huge puff of vapor, but it would be very difficult to know what you were vaping. This means that there are more places that you could vape, where smoking weed may not be appropriate.    Furthermore, THC pens are a very convenient way to take your medicine. They are always ready to use, as long as you remember to charge the batteries.    Lastly, weed pens are said to induce increases in relaxation, happiness, euphoria, sedation, focus, creativity and overall well-being. This makes THC pens useful for a number of reasons.   Below are some of the most common effects associated with weed use:
Relaxation Happiness Uplifted-ness
Focus Creativity Energy 
Euphoria Lethargy Sedation
Hunger Lethargy Giggles

Information for Medical Marijuana Patients

Cannabis is used by many for a variety of reasons. This is due in large part to the many therapeutic effects that come from weed use.    The most common uses for THC vapes is to help treat symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression. Other people may use weed vapes to help ease aches, pains, inflammation and muscle spasms. Furthermore, it is known that THC pens are effective in helping people deal with conditions such as insomnia, eating disorders, PTSD, ADHD and arthritis.    Below are some of the most common medical uses of marijuana:
Anxiety Depression Stress
Aches Pains Inflammation
Muscle Spasms Insomnia Lack of Appetite
Glaucoma Epilepsy Addictions
Fatigue Nausea Spasticity
Movement Disorders Autoimmune Issues Psychiatric Symptoms

Possible Side Effects of THC Vape Pen Products

The good news is that serious negative effects are rare. Marijuana has held the reputation of being one of the safest drugs to use.   The biggest danger with THC pens is contaminated E juice. This is why it is important to only buy from a trusted weed dispensary like JustCannabis. This way you can be confident that you are getting high-grade items.    Furthermore, the side effects of THC pens is not known to be serious. Two common side effects are cottonmouth and red eyes, and these often go unnoticed.    However, there is potential for more serious negative effects such as dizziness, nausea, vomiting, paranoia, and/or lethargy. These typically occur during cases when a user takes too much THC.  Therefore, it is suggested that you start off small and work your way up over time.   Below are some of the most common negative effects associated with weed use.
Dry Mouth Red Eyes Lethargy
Dizziness Paranoia Anxiousness
Headaches Nausea Vomiting
Chest Pain Rapid Heart Rate Memory Retention Issues
Coordination Issues Respiratory Irritation Increased Heart Rate
Low Blood Pressure Drowsiness Restlessness

How to Use a Weed Vape Pen

The first thing you want to do is assemble the weed vape if it isn’t already. Then you want to activate it. This can be done by pressing down and holding the button if there is one. Then as the button is being pressed, inhale through the tip.     If there is no button, then it may be automatically activated by just inhaling. Just be sure that the batteries are fully charged before heading out for prolonged periods.   

Related Products

Other cannabis related items that you can choose from include cannabis flowers, marijuana concentrates and weed edibles. These items are ideal for any cannabis lover out there.   A non-psychoactive alternative is CBD products. These items do not get you high, but provide a wide range of therapeutic benefits to consumers.    A psychedelic option would be magic mushroom products. These are psilocybin based products that induce hallucinogenic sensations that are pictured when thinking about shrooms.   

Online Cannabis Dispensary Canada | Purchase Information

At JustCannabis, we have put together a collection of some of the best weed pens in Canada. We only work with those who share the same commitment to excellence as we do. And we are committed to bring the best THC pens to you at the lowest prices possible. It is important to us that our valued customers leave happy.    So become a member of the Just Cannabis Canada community and stay up to date in the wonderful world of weed. Come see for yourself why so many Canadians are choosing us as their weed dispensary of choice.
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