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Want to soothe your soul and satisfy your sweet tooth? Then look no further! Chocolate shrooms are an edible that infuses psilocybin mushroom extract with a smooth and creamy chocolate mixture to create the ultimate trippy treat. Psilocybin mushrooms, or “magic mushrooms,” are a family of fungi that contain psilocybin, a hallucinogen that produces powerful, mind-altering “trips.”    Magic mushrooms have been around for thousands of years, with different cultures using them for spiritual and religious rituals. Today, scientists are conducting more and more research on magic mushrooms and slowly revealing their vast therapeutic potential. These magical fungi have the ability to relieve anxiety, depression, headaches, and a number of other ailments.    Microdosing chocolate shrooms can enhance mood, energy, focus, and creativity. In larger, recreational doses, chocolate shrooms are consumed to experience euphoric and life-changing psychedelic journeys!    Chocolate Shrooms Canada: Psilocybin at its Finest   What are Magic Mushrooms?   Magic mushrooms are a family of fungi that contain the powerful psychoactive compound psilocybin. These mushrooms can grow either in the wild or through cultivation. Mushrooms containing psilocybin are classified as a psychedelic substance, as they produce similar effects to other psychedelic drugs such as LSD, DMT, and mescaline.     Magic mushrooms boast a rich history that dates back thousands of years, and today there are nearly 200 different species making up this family of fungi. Many countries currently regulate or prohibit the use of magic mushrooms, but recent research on mushrooms’ vast therapeutic benefits has resulted in a push for widespread legalization.     Chocolate Shrooms   Unfortunately, raw magic mushrooms come with a flavor and texture that a lot of people find unappetizing, and that’s why chocolate shrooms are a far more preferable option for many users. Chocolate shrooms are a type of shroom edible, a product that consists of a food item infused with psilocybin. Making chocolate shrooms involves extracting psilocybin from the mushroom and adding it to a chocolate mixture. The sweet taste of chocolate effortlessly hides the flavor of raw mushrooms, making it one of the most popular shroom edibles in the industry.    Common Benefits of Chocolate Shrooms   One of the biggest benefits to consuming Chocolate Shrooms is that they provide a tasty and convenient alternative to consuming raw or dried mushrooms. Once ingested, Chocolate Shrooms also offer a host of spiritual and psychological benefits.    The effects of Chocolate Shrooms are both mystical and astounding, and they often result in significant personal growth. This is due to the heavy level of introspective and philosophical thinking that accompanies the trip. Chocolate Shrooms also fill you with warm, euphoric feelings by inducing great mental relaxation. You’ll embark on a powerful, life-altering journey that will positively change the way you see yourself and the world around you.    With these psychedelic sweets, you can expand your mind and conquer anything the world throws at you!   Common Medical Uses of Chocolate Shrooms   As scientists continue to conduct research on magic mushrooms and other psychedelics, the incredible therapeutic and medicinal value of magic mushrooms is becoming more and more apparent. Psilocybin is proving to be an effective treatment method for a variety of conditions including depression, anxiety, and even certain addictions. Below is more information about the healing qualities and impressive medical potential of magic mushrooms.    Mood Disorders   Psilocybin has proven to be an effective treatment for depression, anxiety, and several other mood disorders. Magic mushroom chocolates have also gained attention for their potential to alleviate symptoms of PTSD and reduce symptoms in those with OCD. Psilocybin can even help mediate anxiety in patients diagnosed with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. Scientists believe that psilocybin rewires the brain’s control system, and this helps reduce the likelihood of mood disorder symptoms.    Addiction   Recent studies on psilocybin as a potential addiction treatment have shown incredibly promising results. More and more research suggests that psilocybin therapy is an effective way to combat alcoholism, smoking, and even opiate addictions. Some reports even argue that psilocybin results in a success rate twice as high as those of traditional methods. Psilocybin promotes mental flexibility, and this allows people to see the larger picture and better understand the consequences of their addictions.    Cluster Headaches   Cluster headaches are an extremely painful condition that can easily disrupt a person’s life and make them miserable. Although there is no published research on psilocybin as a treatment method, there have been many reports of patients whose cluster headaches have gone away after taking mushrooms recreationally. Since then, psilocybin has repeatedly shown itself to be more effective than any other treatment available. Scientists believe psilocybin works by slowing the blood flow to the part of the brain responsible for the headaches.    Possible Side Effects of Chocolate Shrooms   Fortunately, psilocybin and magic mushrooms are some of the safest drugs out there. There is no lethal dose, and only an impossibly small number of users require any medical treatment.  As with all psychedelics, however, Chocolate Shrooms do come with a wide variety of physical and mental side effects.    It’s important to be aware of these effects so you know what to expect on your trip. About ⅓ of people who consume magic mushrooms chocolate experience side effects, and the severity of these effects differs from person to person.   Some of the most common side effects of Chocolate Shrooms are anxiety, paranoia, and changes in blood pressure or heart rate. Nausea is also very common, especially in the first hours following ingestion. Other side effects include perspiration and panic attacks.    Different Types of Magic Mushroom Products   In addition to Chocolate Shrooms, there are a wide variety of other magic mushroom products on the market. Magic mushrooms are super versatile, and the different ways to consume them are endless. The only limit is your imagination!    The most common magic mushroom products are dried mushrooms, and there are a number of different strains available for you to try. However, dried mushrooms are notorious for their bitter taste and gritty texture that many people prefer to avoid. Luckily, there are tons of tastier, more palatable ways to consume magic mushrooms. From edibles to teas to capsules, you’ll definitely be able to find what you’re looking for!    The method of consumption you choose won’t greatly impact the potency of the magic mushrooms, but it may affect how quickly you feel the effects. For example, shroom edibles often take longer to kick in than raw mushrooms, but the intensity of the trip will be similar.     How to Take Chocolate Shrooms   Taking Chocolate Shrooms or any other magic mushroom products requires proper preparation and planning. Doing so helps you keep things positive and avoid a bad trip. Before you sail off into the clouds, make sure to take care of a few things beforehand.   Psychedelic trips are heavily influenced by your environment, so it’s critical to set yourself up in a safe and secure place. This also involves making sure all of your earthly affairs are in order because nothing ruins a trip like realizing you forgot to do something important. Magic mushrooms also have a tendency to amplify your emotions, so going into the trip with a positive mindset is critical. If you’re anxious or upset, these feelings will be magnified by the drug and create an unnecessarily stressful experience.    Now you’re ready to trip! Once you ingest your Chocolate Shrooms, you should begin to feel the effects after about 45 minutes. The trip will last for about 4-6 hours, peaking within the first few hours before mellowing out.    Chocolate Shrooms Dosage   People usually measure magic mushrooms in grams, but magic mushroom chocolates and other shroom edibles tend to be measured in milligrams. This is because shroom edibles contain concentrated psilocybin extract. When consuming chocolate shrooms, finding the right dose requires taking a number of factors into consideration. These factors include things such as your previous experience with psychedelics and your desired intensity of effects. Read below to learn more about the different types of dosages and their effects.    Microdose (50-250mg): Microdosing means that the psychedelic effects of your Chocolate Shrooms won’t be apparent. There will be no visuals, loss of control, or major psychological changes. Instead, microdosing will simply boost your mood and promote good vibes throughout the day. Other effects of microdosing include boosts in creativity, energy, and focus in addition to decreased stress and anxiety.    Minidose (250-750mg): A step up from the microdose, a minidose still won’t deliver anything remotely psychedelic. Those who minidose commonly report enhanced creative abilities and a freer flow of ideas. Nothing too crazy, though.     Museum Dose (500-1,500mg): Known as the “happy go lucky” level, a museum dose will make the effects of your Chocolate Shrooms noticeable. However, you still won’t experience a full-blown psychedelic trip. The effects of a museum dose are similar to that of a cannabis high. You may experience some level of visual enhancement, but it will be extremely subtle.    Moderate Dose (2,000-5,000mg): Congratulations, you’re finally tripping! This dose produces a classic psychedelic trip, complete with visual and auditory hallucinations. Your sense of time and place will be altered, and 1 hour may feel like 10. At this dose, you still have a grip on reality, but it’s not nearly as strong.    Megadose (5,000+mg): If you megadose Chocolate Shrooms, you are in for a wild ride. Hallucinations will be incredibly strong, and your concept of time will simply fade away. This is the point where psychedelics can be truly life-altering, allowing you to gain personal insights that stay with you long after the trip comes to an end.    Similar Products   If you loved Chocolate Shrooms and want to try similar products, you’re in luck! Just Cannabis has an amazing selection of shroom edibles and other magic mushroom products. These include Shroom Gummies, Shroom Tea, and even Shroom Capsules. There’s even a wide variety of dried mushrooms strains for you to get your hands on! Don’t limit yourself to just one, try them all and find your favorite!   If magic mushrooms aren’t what you’re after, no worries! JustCannabis also offers a broad range of cannabis and cannabis-infused products. Cannabis delivers a milder psychoactive high that still boasts a lot of medicinal and recreational benefits. You can even pair cannabis with magic mushrooms to make your trip even more intense!    Magic Mushroom Canada Dispensary Purchase Information   Just Cannabis leads the magic mushroom industry when it comes to supplying premium quality mushrooms and mushroom products. Each and every product is tested by a qualified independent laboratory to guarantee your complete safety and satisfaction.    Want to keep your tripping on the DL? JustCannabis has you covered! Your products will be shipped in discreet packaging right to your front door. What you do is your business, and no one has to be the wiser.    Order today from Just Cannabis Online Dispensary to experience the finest magic mushrooms and cannabis on the market!  
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