Buy Cannabis Seeds Online in Canada With Confidence

Medically Reviewed on Jun 27, 2021 by Dr. K Langdon

At Just Cannabis, we now offer a selection of marijuana seeds that you can grow for yourselves. You can find top-grade weed seeds in some of Canada’s most popular strains. We are currently adding to our inventory and are looking for the most trusted and well-known breeders to feature. Be patient as we build our seed shop and stock it full of top-quality seeds with high germination rates and strong genetics. Start growing now and buy cannabis seeds online in Canada from our marijuana dispensary.

What are Cannabis Seeds?

Cannabis seeds are where marijuana plants originate. They contain all the genetic data for a cannabis plant’s growth and reproduction. The seed genetics are the primary force that determines the traits of the plant. Weed breeders create new strains by cross-breeding two mature plants together. This intermixing of genes means that creators breed in desirable characteristics like potency, scents, and tastes.

Different Types of Marijuana Seeds

You can find cannabis seeds in three primary categories. The first form is regular seeds that cannabis farmers can not tell the sex of these seeds. They can be either female or male, and you often won’t know until the flowering starts. However, there are tricks that cannabis farmers use to determine the sex of their plants early. For example, you can take a clipping early on and put that clone into flower right away. Also, as individual plants mature during vegetation, some will show specific hints of being either male or female.

If you want to avoid this hassle of sexing your plants, you can buy feminized cannabis seeds. Breeders created feminized seeds using years of hard work and patience. These seeds provide a 97% chance of being female. They are the most preferred types of seeds to grow since you don’t need to waste all that time on male plants, and it opens up a lot of space in your garden.

Last, there are autoflower seeds. These seeds will start to flower on their own after a certain amount of time. An autoflower typically has a set end date. Regular and feminized seeds are different since they need the light schedule to hit a certain point before they start to flower. Autoflowers will begin to flower after a specific date regardless of the light schedule.